Thursday, June 11, 2009

NY Times buries USHMM shooting

I can hardly believe it. Looking at the NYTimes online, there was nothing about the shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington. Going to the U.S. section, it's there, but the top story is "Despite Odds, Cities Race to Bet on Biotech." An item on the shooting is seventh. This is the online version of burying a story.

There's plenty at the Washington Post, and the LA Times has items on it's online "front page," but the NY Times doesn't seem to think this is national news.


Rebecca said...

I wondered about this too. On the web page yesterday it was listed among other U.S. stories, and in today's print paper, there's only a photo on page 1, with the full story on p. 15. It made me think of the Times coverage of events of the Holocaust itself - which rarely made the front page of the newspaper. Are the Sulzbergers still afraid of being seen as too concerned with "parochial" Jewish affairs? Another thing is that the Times article was not updated through the day yesterday, unlike the Washington Post article (and there were several of them including an editorial).

Matt said...

I don't know if it's fair, but I had thought of their Holocaust coverage, too. I don't think the WashPo makes a very good comparison, since it's a local story for them, but the LATimes does.

At the moment, this is barely noticable on the NYTImes front page. But the LATimes now has an even less prominent mention.