Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Antisemitic & Islamophobic conspiracies, take 2

The British journalist/activist Sunny Hundal responded to something I had written a while ago. He writes:
This is a really intelligent point, and one I hadn’t considered earlier. [Thanks! -ig]

Its certainly true that bigotry towards Muslims is primarily couched in terms of ‘they’re different to us and will destroy our lifestyle‘, while anti-semitism towards Jews is much more about how they’ve infiltrated the ruling classes...

But you can also see how hatred of Muslims has also changed. It started back in the days with how the Middle Eastern governments were all backwards and had to be controlled, then kicked off recently with how these people are all terrorists, and rapidly morphed into a general hysteria about how British Muslims were going to destroy this country’s values.
I responded over there, and I hope it becomes an interesting conversation.

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