Thursday, August 28, 2008

footnotes to the saga of Harry's Place

Harry's Place is indeed back, if I have any readers who don't know that already. I should note that it now appears their DNS company is British. I may have said California-based at some point. On the other hand, they confirm that their DNS took action in response to an actual complaint.

There are other things to talk about. I think David Hirsh is right that "the time has come to break some UCU confideniality." However, I also agree with him that this is about the UCU and not about any particular individual in it. Some prominent members of the boycott movement (including Sue Blackwell who ridiculously asserted that the article at David Duke's website was not racist) are worth mentioning by name. The individual who posted the link to David Duke's website, however, is merely a symptom of something larger.

And while I do agree, up to a point, that it is inappropriate to use the names of those involved in the debate on the UCU list, it is much more important that this not be an excuse to ignore the criticism of antisemitism. It is clear that several people involved in the debate intend exactly that. 'Since the criticism was not made in a properly civil fashion, there is therefore no antisemitism to talk about.' Such tactics have been used time and again to silence all sorts of anti-racist activists, and they are morally reprehensible.

Once again, those brave souls who speak out against Jewish power have managed to prove that they are delusional. Jimmy Carter, John Mearsheimer, and Stephen Walt claimed in best selling books that their views were stifled. Clearly they were not stifled effectively. Now, once again we see that, though antisemites might be embarrased, it is anti-antisemites who are actually silenced.

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