Monday, April 20, 2009

Durban II

Today is Hitler's Birthday-- and the first day of Durban II.

We'll see at the end how the conference has gone, but early on, I'm heartened. Several nations have boycotted entirely. Not just Israel and the US, but Germany and Poland, as well. I've got mixed feelings on Italy being among the early refusers, as they've got some serious problems with anti-Roma racism that can't be ignored right now, but they were among the many.

And though many nations remained, it was great that they called out Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his shit. Also, via David, two very important nations, Jordan and maybe Morocco, were among the nations to leave during his speech. [In later reports, I haven't seen mention of these nations. Not sure what happened.]

If people and nations are unwilling to accept antisemitism, there might be a chance to keep it from spreading. Perhaps the antisemites of the world will be radicalized, but if enough nations are willing, we can deal with that.

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