Wednesday, November 25, 2009

more hate crimes

News of two (actually, more, but I'll pass on two) arrived in my inbox today from the SPLC.
Coeur d'Alene's Human Rights Education Institute is the target of another hate crime. The staff found a swastika Thursday morning taped on the front door.

The sticker is just the latest in a series of incidents against the institute and staff that work there. A few months ago, the executive director found a noose on her front yard. Over the weekend, someone set off the building's alarm.
A prominent member of a Canadian neo-Nazi group is wanted for attempted murder in connection with two bombings in Calgary.
Perhaps it was a practice bombing, though it may have been a case of rivalry among racists:
McKee, a slight man with a shaved head, has “Kill Jews” tattooed on his shins. He often acts as spokesman for the Aryan Guard, a racist gang whose “white pride” marches have caused a stir in Canada’s third-largest city. However, police say there’s no evidence that the bombings were hate crimes. “The victims in this case knew the offenders and share similar beliefs and values,” stated a news release from the City of Calgary.

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