Tuesday, June 1, 2010


According to a recent op-ed in the LA Times , Los Angeles County saw it's first confirmed case of the measles in roughly 4 years. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Agatha has killed 146 in Central America and created a sinkhole 200 ft. deep. Turkey kills 19 Kurdish rebels (in Iraq).

So why does Israel get so much attention? There are probably lots of reasons, some better than others. I don't know if I'd put any of those stories ahead of the current Israeli/Gaza crisis if I were an impartial editor, but I do know that the attention paid to Israel in the mainstream media (and often even more so in alternative media) is neither idiosyncratic nor reasoned. At times, I think something Mahmoud Darwish said is particularly relevant: The great disadvantage of the Palestinians is that their enemies are the Jews, while the great advantage of the Palestinians is that their enemies are the Jews.

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