Thursday, August 12, 2010

Liveblogging a Racialicious fiasco

Too much, too much. Elle complains:
I am shocked at the level of anti-Semitism allowed on this blog.
And the response?
Ellen, this is the mission statement of the ADL, taken directly from their website:
I know I sometimes get names wrong, but I make an attempt to replicate them exactly as is. It's just a matter of decency. More importantly, while the response pointing to the ADL's mission statement is technically correct, it hardly matters. Elle made a number of points, none of which are refuted with this.

Furthermore, we could ask why it is that the ADL's mission statement is that way. I would suggest it's because Jews have always felt an inappropriate pressure to subsume our issues to "larger" issues, which is part of what makes us so vulnerable to "colorblind" (really, the analogue of) racism.

Previous. I sincerely hope I have the chance to update this repeatedly.

UPDATE: Well, so far only one more comment. From a Jew disappointed by the whole affair:
I am also terrified that my fellow “progressives” are using this as one more way of painting Jews as the bad guys, the ones in power, the oppressors, the evil Zionists who keep those poor Muslims down. Come on, you guys are smarter than that.
I hope they prove me wrong, but I am afraid, having watched Racialicious fail time and again, that they're not smarter than that.


David Schraub said...

The link is broken.

Matt said...

Fixed. Thank you, David.

WestEndGirl said...

Matt, I commented on the Racialicious thread thirding(?) Elle. And asking Racialicious to do a bit of soul-searching about their continual, oblivious, and I'm not thinking malicious, anti-Semitism fails re: the conflation of Jews, Zionists, Israelis and etc. I also requested that if they aren't prepared to do some work on anti-Semitism (I linked through to Engage and the Steve Cohen piece: Funny you don't look Anti-Semitic) then they shouldn't post topics that are on or related to this topic.

And guess what? The comment wasn't moderated.

I've also noted that all of my comments are now no longer published, so in effect banned. Banned quite clearly because I ask questions that Racialicious aren't prepared to answer on anti-Semitism and their horrific Gentile privilege. So while DIMA and Jihadipunk spew vicious anti-Semitism as regular commenters, Jews aren't allowed to reply with a challenge.

So, sad as it is for me to say this, Racialicious is an anti-Semitic website clear and simple and falls into the Jews are white, oppressors 'leftist' meme. They are not capable of nuanced thought (me being mixed Jewish (Mizrahi and Ashkenazi makes their little progressive Jews = whites brains explode!) on this subject.

Matt said...

I'm sorry to hear that WEG. For you and them.

WestEndGirl said...

Well Matt, it's a damning inditement of their blinkered attitudes.
Racialicious major race fail, they don't deserve readers like you and me!