Tuesday, June 3, 2008

David Cronenberg comes out at Cannes

For the 2007 short film anthology, To Each His Own Cinema, Cronenberg created At the Suicide of the Last Jew in the World in the Last Cinema in the World. Watch here. And read a bit here.
My parents were secular. I was never bar mitzvahed. At a very early age, I decided I was an atheist, and I still am. I don’t feel the need to involve myself with the traditions of Judaism. In fact, I’m rather anti-religious. . . . I wasn’t hiding my Jewishness. It just never seemed to be an issue. But when I started to make this little short, suddenly, it was. It was provoked by what’s going on in the world right now. The pronouncements of various Islamic leaders about how nice it would be to kill all the Jews in the world—you know, like the Hezbollah leader. I thought, “Well, what if that would happen? How would that happen?”
So, do we reread Videodrome in a context of assimilation?

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