Monday, June 30, 2008

Paper Clips, meh

Saw the documentary Paper Clips. (Googling "paperclips bring up several sites related to the movie right at the top. Wonder if that reflects the significance of the film or the mundaneness of paperclips.) It depicts a middle schools efforts to learn about the Holocaust.

Through Holocaust survivors who visited the school, and probably other means, it's clear the students came to feel for and sympathize with Jews and also learned about the process of racism. What's less clear is whether they were able to see these Jews as more than victims. For the film's audience; however, Jews remain essentially victims. Moreover, the tone is triumphant, reinforcing the idea that antisemitism is a thing of the past. Rather than combating antisemitism, the film is likely to reinforce Jews' status as the other, still with screwy issues of agency.

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