Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tikkun publishes vicious antisemite

This is just shocking. There is an editor's note at Tikkun:
Like most of what Israel Shamir writes about Israel, this article reflects a perspective that has far too little sympathy for the fate of those killed and wounded when the Palestinian named Hosam charged his huge tractor into a bus in the center of Jerusalem. We publish it here nevertheless because of our commitment to provide our readers with perspectives that they are unlikely to hear in the mainstream media and which present ideas with which we must grapple.
That is a terrible misrepresentation of Shamir who, in books like Bloodcurdling Libel or The Shadow of Zog, seeks to promote the most blatant antisemitism. If his view is absent from the mainstream media, we should all be grateful. His ideas are not anything with which Tikkun's readers "must grapple." They are, at least, subdued in the article, but still not entirely absent. You judge this passage:
The Russians are a breed apart in the social mosaic of Israel. Though nominally “Jewish”, they have kept their Russian identity, and their own ways. They were not infected with Jewish chauvinism in the cradle. For Russians, Jewishness is a private thing, not a public identity. In the internationalist Soviet Union and in its successor states, boys and girls fall in love with or befriend a person without regard to his or her ethnic and religious origin, and it does not cause a ripple, let alone a storm. Upon arrival to Israel, these good-natured young people are classified by rather arrogant Israelis as “Johnnys-come-lately”. They are snubbed and socially rejected. They have little contact with youth of good social standing, while the children of poor Oriental Jewish suburbs are too foreign for them. The Russians do not share the ideals of other Israeli Jewish communities, i.e. military valour and the amassing of wealth.
I see the references to "Jewish chauvinism" and "amassing of wealth" as calculated to promote antisemitism. Also, the I find it offensive to suggest that Jewish identities must be covered up in public. The claim about Russian tolerance, on the other hand, is merely laughable.

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