Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Reader, "pernicious"

I haven't seen it, don't want to. My first thought about it was that it was yet another Holocaust movie not about Jews. (Schindler's List - protagonist is the Good German. Sophie's Choice - among other things I've said about it, the protagonist is a Pole. The Diary of Ann Frank - they took every step to trivialize Frank's Jewishness.) But then there was Ron Rosenbaum's plea at Slate not to give the film an Oscar. "We don't need another 'redemptive' Holocaust movie." The review is damning, and solidified my personal feelings against seeing the film. Now, here's more from historian Deborah Lipstadt:
This is a rewriting of history. It is, simply put, soft core denial. It does not deny the reality or the horror of the Holocaust. Not at all. But it does deny who was responsible.

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