Thursday, January 17, 2008

The growth of antisemitism

from Atticus Mullikin over at Newsvine (who appears to have shown up only recently) comes this old article from Time magazine:
Whether anti-Semitism is growing in the U. S. is a question on which men disagree.* That talk about anti-Semitism has grown like a weed in the U. S. during the last decade is a fact that no well-informed U. S. citizen can truthfully deny. Yet the U. S. press has for the most part studiously, purposefully and almost universally ignored the subject. Though some segments of the press itself are not altogether free from anti-Semitic bias, its attitude in general has been a reflection of the belief of many influential Jews that to recognize anti-Semitism is to encourage it. Last week two publications made news by reversing this stand.
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