Friday, January 11, 2008

official Venezuelan antisemitism

Venezuelan Jews are nervous:
:Venezuelan government intelligence services twice have raided the country's most important Jewish center in a vague, ultimately unsuccessful search for weapons. Publications of the government's cultural ministry run articles entitled "the Jewish Question," along with a Jewish star superimposed over a swastika.
I hope no one accuses me of being a Jonah Goldberg accolyte if I call Chavez a fascist. (Via epiphany sorbet at Newsvine. They may have banned me, but they didn't stop sending email alerts.) And what to make of this:
The police have arrested four teenagers who they said toppled nearly 500 tombstones at a Jewish cemetery in New Brunswick, N.J., on two separate nights of mischief.
It strikes me as kind of odd that 500 tombstones could be toppled in a non-bias motivated crime, but that's what police are saying.

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