Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Antisemitic hate crime at Temple University

"He told me stories about the Holocaust, but I thought I'd never have to live through a hate crime," said the student, who suffered a broken nose and a fractured orbital bone in the attack. "I never thought I'd have to deal with a hate crime."

The father of the most seriously injured boy, who asked that he not be identified to maintain his son's anonymity, said the apparent hate crime had devastated his family, particularly his own father, who survived five years in a World War II concentration camp.

"He was really hurt by this," the man said. "He thought he left Europe and left that behind him."
...During the meeting, students described other anti-Semitic incidents:

One woman said she was thrown out of a fraternity as people shouted, "Jew! Jew!" when she revealed her religion.

A man said the Israeli flag had repeatedly been ripped off his car and his reports to the campus police had been largely ignored.

A woman described how another student had used a class e-mail list to send out a link to an anti-Jewish video - and how the professor responded to her complaint by advising her to respect other people's views.

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