Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Can Peace come with No Sweat?

You may have heard about No Sweat: A little apparel company aiming to make a big difference in the Middle East. Run by CEO Adam Neiman, No Sweat is more than just 100% union made apparel. In addition to creating sweatshop-free, organic and vegan products, Neiman is dedicated to creating jobs in Palestine. Unlike a lot of clothing manufacturers, No Sweat is upfront about their sources and production sites, such as the Arja Textiles factory in Bethlehem, Palestine. So, why did a Jewish guy from Boston want to source from a textile factory in Palestine?
I first came across No Sweat through a postcard at a vegetarian shoe store. More recently, I also found out Adam Neiman is on Jewcy has some links and info.

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