Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holocaust Remembrance Day

In the US, we do it officially in May. Er- not officially. It's not an official holiday. I've no idea why, considering that the US narrative of the Holocaust is "we saved the world."

But apparently today in HRD in most parts of the world. (Some restrictions may apply.)

Ji Jang Bosal
Almost without exception, Korean temple compounds include a special hall dedicated to Ji Jang Bosal, known in Sanskrit as Ksitigarbha. Ksitigarbha literally means "womb of the earth." Ji Jang Bosal is said to have vowed as a young man to go to the lowest hell to help his mother after she died. He is the only bodhisattva to be depicted as a monk. Ji Jang Bosal is thought to help the deceased, especially children, and in some cultures, travelers as well. During funeral and memorial services we chant Ji Jang Bosal's name to assist us with grieving and to help the deceased in their transition. This bodhisattva is greatly loved by Mahayana Buddhists for his commitment to stay behind until no more people suffer in hell. Ji Jang Bosal is usually portrayed with a shaved head, often colored green, and holds a staff with six rings in one hand and a jewel in the other. This is the "wish-fulfilling gem," a magical jewel that grants all selfless requests.

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