Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Middle ground

I hope Olmert has something a little less vague in mind:
But Olmert's response was that "the results of the operation must be... that Hamas must not only stop firing but must no longer be able to fire.

"We cannot accept a compromise that will allow Hamas to fire in two months against Israeli towns," his office quoted the premier as saying.
I can certainly sympathize with a desire for a resolution that lasts more than 2 months. Although I'd love to support the call for a ceasefire, as suggested in this article by Sarkozy or elsewhere by any number of people, I'd be willing to accept that there is some definable, legitimate target Israel wants to strike at first. But it's just not possible to entirely destroy Hamas's capacity. (Especially if, as Israel has previously said, their goal is not to remove Hamas from power in Gaza.) As from the first, it seems the impossibility that Israel can actually improve its long-term security makes it impossible for me to support the invasion.

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