Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another failure at assimilation

An interesting post at SPLC's Hatewatch blog on the failure of some Jews to join the white supremacist movement and the organization they formed in response.

Ethnic whites in America have often tried to assimilate by playing the white/black divide - and in response, African Americans have often tried to fight racism with xenophobia - except for Jews, where it's been a much less important strategy. (In fact, the SPLC is itself a more important example of Jewish strategies at assimilation, in this case by becoming white allies to minorities.) It's no surprise that some Jews would try this.

But it's also an interesting example of Jewish assimilation. How much does it force the (white) Jews to erase their Jewish identities to become simply white? How Jewish is that "Judeo-Christian" identity? And how ironic that they've had more success in a way -attracting more mainstream academics- than the white supremacists who forced them out of the "mainstream" white supremacy movement?

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