Monday, March 2, 2009

Helping Dongsa move

Yesterday, I helped my Dongsa move. We met one of the tenants in the new building, Ya'el. By the name, I asked if she was Israeli. She was, and explained that she's lived in a lot of places. LA was shallow; she hated Phoenix. And we talked about Israeli politics. She's pretty close to Meretz. However, last time she voted - and she said she was proven right about this, though she was also clearly a little embarrased about it - she voted for Begin. Her thinking, Israeli thinking at the time as she characterized it, was that only a real hardliner could make concessions for peace work. That said, she's really upset by the current government. But when I said I hoped it wouldn't last two years, she said confidently that it wouldn't even last that long.


Rebecca said...

I'm curious - what is a Dongsa?

Matt said...

Literally, sister's husband in Korean. In my case, my wife's sister's husband.

While my Chujae, sister-in-law, was across the street at the park with my adorable, 2-year-old niece.