Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't ask Alice

From the department of not really coincidences. Not long ago I rejected a comment from a certain Alice, who wrote:
i have read any holy books, in bold jews about. Actually I can not believe in jews forever !
They rabbis absolutely a liers !
Today, I chance upon Alice again:
what improve ?
jews before and after Moses was
unbelieved humans.
Read your bible carefully.
I had assumed the poor English was the result of not being a native speaker and that the antisemitism was too poorly translated to understand. But now I'm just thinking she's crazy and doesn't think Jews exist. If you mention Israel at some point, you, too, may get a visit from Alice.

It wouldn't be so painful, actually, if she didn't use the word actually. Like PG, I actually tend to overuse the word, actually a lot.

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