Friday, May 15, 2009

Vaclav Havel on the UNHRC

A few days old. (Via.) Havel doesn't get into how this specifically affects Israel, but he does put this up:
Only 20 countries are running for 18 open seats. The seats are divided among the world’s five geographic regions and three of the five regions have presented the same number of candidates as there are seats, thus ensuring there is no opportunity to choose the best proponents of human rights each region has to offer.
It's just one example of how a great deal of work in the UN is done in regional groups. Israel is generally denied a regional group because its region refuses to recognize it. Sometimes it is allowed to participate as a pretend European state. Generally it is denied participation.

To those people who protest that the UN isn't democratic because of the Security Council: How would you propose to ensure the democratic rights of Jews?

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