Monday, May 4, 2009

Joe Klein growing more obnoxious

With repetition, Joe Klein's use of the phrase "professional Jews" becomes more offensive. He's stated before that the best way to fight against those he disagrees with is not to argue points of contention, but to highlight the identity of those with whom he disagrees. I'd rather not resort to any rhetoric of self-hating Jews, but if he's going to attack others' Jewish identities as a vulnerability, I'm not sure how else to respond.

It isn't even that (as is obvious) there are Jews who are seriously antisemitic or that most Jews have internalized some antisemitic prejudices. Klein isn't seriously antisemitic in the way a Gilad Atzmon is, but this is more than just some internalized prejudice where Klein is the primary victim of his own internalized prejudice. This is, as best I can see, Klein trying to protect himself from antisemitism by saying, "hey there are Jews over there."

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